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Chichi, a BBNaija star, explains why she upgraded to Business class on a sponsored trip: “I can’t recall the last time I travelled economy.”

Big Brother Naija level-up housemate Chichi made news online when she claimed she never flew economy.


Despite not travelling in economy with her other level-up housemates, Chichi received an invitation from Pepsi for a sponsored trip to South Africa.


All of them were given tickets for the economy class, despite Chichi’s claim that she upgraded to the business class because she isn’t accustomed to travelling in the lower class. Then Chichi used Snapchat to justify not going on the trip with her coworkers.


Her words,

“I can’t remember the last time I flew economy, this is not about me being proud. So we all had economy class and I wanted to upgrade to business class. It was quite stressful but I did it anyway.”


Additionally, Chichi recently shared information about her life before being famous.


In a recent interview, the reality TV star turned exotic dancer lamented how those in that profession are frequently avoided in Nigeria.


In her conversation with Punch, Chichi, who claimed to be the most closely watched stripper, said that in her nation, exotic dancers are generally criticized and seen as less human.


I believe that I receive the greatest scrutiny among strippers. People routinely approached me for guidance while I was a stripper (I no longer strip), but they also frequently judged me at the same time. They did not believe we were people. Although it might technically be a career, my father’s country of Nigeria does not view stripping as one. Because of how harshly people judged others, it was tremendously difficult.

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Because of that, I cannot talk in public. And, that is why I am uptight; I don’t like expressing myself. Whenever I talk, people are quick to throw ‘shades’ at me, saying what do I know since I’m just a stripper. They feel we (strippers) can do anything for money.” She said.



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